"A day without laughter is a day wasted" - Charlie Chaplin


We want everyone to have a fantastic time and in order for this to happen we ask that you show the same respect to the evening as you would when attending the cinema or theatre.

With this in mind please consider the following:
  • All bookings of 7 people or more, must contact us direct as a behaviour bond may apply. If you book without contacting us direct, the bond of £15pp will apply and tickets will not be refundable if the bond is not paid
  • NO HECKLING ACTS! However MC is fair game 
  • Arrive on time – get there in plenty of time and enjoy a drink or two before the show starts
  • Seating is on a ‘FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED’ basis at some venues so get there early to choose where you want to sit (worth paying particular attention if you are in a large group who all want to sit together) 
  • Late comers will be asked to wait until the break and may have to stand for the duration of the show – No Refund.
  • No talking while the acts are performing (there are breaks during the night when you can get a drink, go to the toilet and chat with your friends)
  • Switch off mobile phones
  • No flash photography while acts are on stage
  • No recording of acts performances
  • You are expected to treat all staff with respect. Please make an orderly queue and accept the ink stamp on your hand as proof of entry without a fuss.
  • Line-ups are subject to change occasionally due to circumstances beyond our control, any line-up changes will be announced immediately through facebook, twitter and this website wherever possible, we will always endeavour to ensure any replacement act is of similar stature.Click on the links in the navigation bar to join us on facebook / twitter and keep up to date with any changes.
  • No amateur interior designers, feng shui experts or budding employees of Pickfords re-arranging furniture. If you can't find suitable seating please ask a member of staff rather than taking it upon yourself to change layout of room. 
I know we sound a bit like one of your old school teachers now but it’s for the benefit of the majority as a culmination of small things can greatly impair the success of an evening and we want everyone to have an amazing time.
See below for an explanation of our thinking.
  • We do not want to discriminate against groups, so it is important that any groups of 7 or more contact us direct to discuss their booking and behaviour bond.  For more information on the bond please click 
  • Heckling / Talking / Mobile Phones / Going to Toilet / Going to the Bar while the acts are performing can disrupt the show to the annoyance of other audience members so we ask that you wait until the intervals (which are approx every 30 mins).
  • Seating is on a first come first served basis so that audience members who get there early get to choose where they want to sit and hopefully this will stop any disagreements over reservations.
  • Arriving late disrupts the show and can delay the start which isn’t fair on the audience members that manage to get there on time. Starting late also has the knock on effect of disrupting the end of the show too as people will then need to leave prior to the finale to make it on time for their Taxis / Babysitters etc.
  • You are not welcome if the comedy is secondary to a night of getting drunk. It’s not that acts can’t deal with people who are a little drunk it’s that they shouldn’t have to and don’t want to. We are bringing the best acts in the country to the gig and they are coming to perform their best material to the vast majority of the audience who want to listen, they are not coming to make fun of one person to the delight of his / her small band of friends but to the exclusion of the other people in the room.
  • We know how to set up a room to make sure the night works well and we set it up before the audience arrives in the best fashion for the anticipated audience size, this means people taking up empty seats first before additional chairs are brought out as the more gaps there are in the audience the less well comedy works. There will be sufficient seats for everyone and if all the seats are taken that are set out then the staff will be happy to get more if you ask them. Do not take it upon your self to start re-arranging the furniture as it could impair the success of the gig / cause problems with fire exits / access to bar / annoy other members of audience.

Hope all this sounds reasonable enough and not too Draconian as we just want to create the perfect environment for the acts to succeed which in turn will make it a great night for the audience.  Any comments or questions please feel free to contact us.
Many thanks
The Grinning Idiot